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Film Club

Anna Karina

He saw her outside the cinema as he came round the corner. He’d seen her before a few times, usually alone. She looked the same, and in his direction. He came to an abrupt halt before the posters feigning concentration, then pretended to look for an ashtray or maybe he could just chuck the butt on the tarmac as usual. She was standing next to a litter bin, cigarrette pointing towards the heavens. He walked over.
– You think there’d be an ashtray – he said, as a pledge.
– We’re a species in danger of extinction – she shrugged wryly.
Two plumes of smoke mingled and mixed and retreated, signalling the end.
– We’re self-extinguishing – he grinned, stubbing his cigarrette on the inside of the bin and turning through the glass doors.